Culture and Values

We believe in honest business practices, based on transparent, effective relationships.

Our Internal Values

We are very clear on the ethos and the culture we want within our business and this means we only invite talented people to join us who fit our view of the world and then we design a job around them. Our talented people believe in a vision of a better working life balance, flexible working and fair ethical business practices. They believe in giving back into the community and working with good causes for free, and that money should not be their primary motivation. As we practice what we preach we share half our profits equally with every team member and we only have two salary levels with full transparency of pay

Our goal is to monetise data through advanced intelligence in ways that we can repeatedly sell for a healthy profit, without growing to a size of an organisation that is unable to execute effectively. By capping our team size to under 18, we keep our family feel whilst remaining extremely agile. However, by working closely with our business partners as one team, our team size grows to over 50. As a customer, this means one bill, one team, one project manager and we even all have Target Intelligence email addresses keeping things simple and effective for all.

To give you a look behind the scenes, all new recruits sign up to the following core value beliefs:

1. Trust and non-disclosure of secrets and intellectual property including those of our clients
2. Equality, Fairness and Transparency
3. Work life balance and life-friendly working practices
4. Wealth sharing and ensuring everybody truly feels a part of business
5. Flexible hours and distributed work anywhere mentality
6. Core business team kept under 18 with focus on enjoyable family friendly working rather than pushing too hard to make millions.
7. Team focus. An engaged, empowered, talented and motivated team will outperform traditional teams ten times larger and will be more effective at taking the initiative and responding to change.
8. Careful people selection process based around our core principles. Money motivated, non-team players out for themselves, even those who have the best skills in the industry, are simply not welcome.
9. Zero tolerance for a blame culture, empire building and egos. We are a team and we succeed and fail as one. As humans we fail sometimes, thats a fact. What makes the difference is how we respond and learn from failure in a positive way avoiding cognitive dissonance.
10. Everybody has the opportunity to move into leadership and is offered the support and training to do so.

Excluding our apprentice programme, everybody in our business today is a leader for some part of it. They are trusted 100% to do the right thing by the business and for our clients.

It is our observation that large organisations the world over suffer intense politics, internal division and people who put their own goals at odds with what’s best for the business. In short, businesses lose productivity, trample on initiative and spend small fortunes compensating for these issues. This is plainly not what we want, and as a small business we are in a great position to avoid these pitfalls and innovate, adapt and grow as a unit.

We believe we are different and we hope you think so too.

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