Data feeds for B2C and B2B

Go beyond transaction data

“If you’re not using big data to drive decision making today, you may not be in business tomorrow when your competitors are”

- Chris West, CEO Target Intelligence

Use our data feeds to:

  • Target your products and services to the best possible audience
  • Definitively describe your customers across hundreds of factors
  • Analyse, score, cluster, forecast, predict, price and much more


How it works

  • Simply provide the post codes for the data you wish to own
  • Choose the data fields you want
  • We can help you select the most valuable data from our full data catalog, which is far beyond our most popular stats

The data

  • Over 20,000 stats linked to postcode
  • Millions of data sets and billions of records consolidated by postcode
  • Constantly expanding with new data sources added weekly


How it works

  • A dedicated account manager will work with you to define the data fields you need
  • Select the data fields you want to match against your business prospects

The data

  • Full contact details including address, email, telephone and website
  • Statistically estimated turnover and employees for SME’s with abbreviated accounts
  • A huge range of stats. If it exists we should have it.
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Pricing per 25 Data Fields

Data Feeds Pricing Table

Call us on +44 (0) 113 4182417 if you want to buy more than 100,000 credits and we will create a special package for you.