Target Customer Hotspots

With Customer Profiling

Understanding the DNA of your customers makes it easy to find more

Most businesses think they understand who their customers are, but in their terms, and they do. However, do they know their internet speed, how they voted, or disposable income, or how educated they are? Answer these questions and a thousand like them and you have what we call a customer profile. A profile looks like this data mining cluster report for those familiar.

cluster diagram

Profiles are incredibly valuable as they can be cross checked against every post code locality in the UK for similarities and scored. The greater the percentage match score, the more likely the people in that post code are going buy your services. These areas are the most profitable to market to. They also provide incredible insights. For one retail client, how their customers voted related to a 100% increase in average spend. For another banking client, adding a single a metric to their scoring process resulted in an immediate 20% profit increase. It doesn't matter if your customers are businesses or consumers, the maths and the process is the same, and we can help you with both.

Here's a tip. Add these hot spot localities to your google AdWords phrases and you will lower your advertising cost and increase your conversion rates