Deepen the impact from
the data you buy from us

Once you’ve dived into our data to understand what your best customers and prospects look like and where they are, you can use our partner services to design, print and post your marketing material at market leading rates...

It’s easy to dig out your best prospects from our data mine. Now it’s also easy to create compelling messages and
get them delivered to the right people for
great results from your marketing

Graphics design with NWN Media

Graphics design with NWN Media

Do you want to make your marketing message clear and compelling for your target market? Our partner NWN Media has all you need.

NWN Media is a regional publisher with a 160-year history. They have a dedicated in-house design team who produce a vast range of creative work, from single-sheet leaflets through to complete brochures and newspapers.

Whatever your design needs, they'll deliver, and quickly too.

Prices start from just £45 (plus VAT) for a two-sided post card, and there's a 10% discount off your first order via Target Intelligence too!

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Print & Post with Stannp

Print and Post with Stannp

Once you've got the message right, it's now easy to get it delivered quickly and cost effectively to the right people.

Stannp are experts in printing and posting direct mail campaigns. No more printing, stuffing, franking machines or stamps. Save time, effort and money by managing your direct mail online from your desktop.

You can print and post letters and postcards and it's quick and easy to set up in four simple steps:

1   Create a free account
2   Upload your creative and data
3   Test the creative and approve the PDF
4   Schedule the campaign and then pay via credit card

It can take as little as 10 minutes from start to finish and you get your marketing material printed and posted for less than the Royal Mail charge for postage alone!

The quality is great as well – postcards are printed on 300gsm paper stock colour duplex, and letters are printed on 120gsm paper stock with a DL or C5 windowed envelope.

Stannp are fast – If you order before midday Stannp will send by Royal Mail 2nd Class delivery the same day. If the volume is more than 10,000 items there is a one-day lead time for production.

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Find more prospects like your best customers

Customer Finder Service

Use our wizard to define your target area(s), then choose characteristics that you know represent your ideal customer profile. You’ll get a list of addresses and postcodes that meet the criteria in your chosen area(s) and, from only 5p per address you won’t have to dive deep into your budget. We can save you even more by printing and distributing your campaign at market beating prices. Dive in now.

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Get to know your customers better

Data Feeds Service

Upload the postcodes of your existing customers to our wizard. Select the additional data you would like to know about your customers. You’ll get a list of your postcodes with improved consumer insights, from just 5p per postcode. Use the insights for consumer segmentation to manage messages better, create engaging, compelling content and increase conversion rates, as well as targeting.

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Definitive Customer Understanding

Customer Profiler Service

Before you can find new customers, you need to know who they are. Understand your customer characteristics that your transactions cannot describe. Then segment your customers into groups of common needs and behaviours. After your customer is understood, use our Customer Finder to identify every hotspot in the UK.

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