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GROW YOUR BUSINESS by finding your BEST customers AND discovering what they have in common. Then use those characteristics to locate and convert NEW customers. Our unique data libraries and methods make this possible. We have millions of consumer and business datasets merged from varied sources, some of which are recently available. In addition to finding new customers, we identify relationships and trends in existing customers, score prospects on likelihood to convert, rank current customers on likelihood to default, and much more.

Consumer Targeting (B2C)

Find more of your best customers using big data. Use either our online solution or we will do it for you if you prefer.

  • This revolutionary service is unique to your business and customers
  • We have over 20,000 consumer stats to help you find prospects most likely to buy
  • Use our profiling service to discover your best customer’s characteristics

Business Targeting (B2B)

We focus on sizing SME businesses under 10m turnover with abbreviated accounts

  • Search for businesses by location, industry, turnover, employees, keywords, social media, technology and more
  • Thousands of business and locality stats including property and rental data
  • Full contact details including address, email, telephone and website

Using Data for Good in the Third Sector

We are passionately researching and scoring human needs across the UK to ensure effort is targeted where it is most needed. To achieve our goal we are building a number of products that help inform organisations and communities. These solutions are self contain analytical cubes with dashboards and geospatial mapping.

Data Feeds Pricing Table

For more information on these products which are now in beta including pricing please check out this presentaton or watch this video version which includes some additional content.

Data Feeds Pricing Table

Please get in touch if you are interested in our research data or products. I'm Interested

Deeper understanding

We’re a team of data mining experts, with the deepest, widest UK business database ever created.
We strive to make predictive data simple so your marketing is much more effective. We dive deep into the details so you don't have to. Grow your business with the power of our data mining and prepare your business for the new General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is going to hurt your marketing and your business if you don't take it seriously.

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Target Intelligence's contribution during the launch of a online consumer loan product in which we leveraged their wealth of data mining capability was invaluable. Their ability to rapidly link all available business data, provide a usable self-service data mining format and analytical insight kicked off strategic changes thus promoting improved profitability -
Carl Spilker Chief Credit Officer
Provident Financial Group

So many Peppered Moth Marketing clients are disappointed in their marketing tactics because of poor data for targeting new customers accurately. The results clients are seeing when using Target intelligence's data are remarkable. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Target Intelligence to any business that is using data to improve their marketing. Their level of granularity is game changing.

Target Intelligence does exactly what it says – providing a valuable direct marketing tool with precise identification of the demographic we wish to reach.
TLC World Ltd Tour Operators

One thing which has stood out has been the communication - it has been excellent. My Account Manager and contact with the business has always been easy to get hold of and happy to answer any questions. I also really appreciated the offer of advice on how to use my data. This further service from marketing was fantastic and a chance to ask questions on how to build my next successful campaign.
Food 4 Taste

Target Intelligence have been a fantastic community minded company will a social conscious and willing to help their community. They kindly sourced 10 laptops for our charity and we continue to have a great relationship with them. Always willing to help, these guys are a great team. Big thank you from The Basement Project and Kirklees in Recovery

I used the Target Intelligence services recently to give a client a deep understanding of their current clients and to understand where their best prospects are. What a great service – the client is over the moon and can now plan their marketing with much greater confidence that they will be sending the right message to the right people.
Simply Customer

As a start-up company looking to set good foundations for the future, we have greatly appreciated the experienced and professional input that Target Intelligence has provided. We have used their expertise for both business planning and marketing strategy, and are much more unified and confident than before about the direction of travel for the business. What we now have are skills that enable us to focus on the most important business tasks, bring a coherent marketing strategy to the marketplace and to be able to periodically review our progress.
Augment Partnership Ltd

“Big data” analytics is helping The Phone Co-op harness data and identify new opportunities for business growth. We want to work faster to identify new opportunities and understand our business better, allowing much improved insight based decision making. Target Intelligence, has been selected as our partner in data intelligence. An ethical data analyst, Target Intelligence understand the values of The Phone Co-op, of good work, the privacy of information and the transparent way in which we work as a co-operative and socially responsible, membership organisation.
Jacci Marcus, Head of Marketing ∓ Digital, The Phone Co-op Ltd. Sept 2017

Transparent and clear-cut, which I really appreciate. The communication and follow up has also been excellent - there's been no issues and, even though we are often very busy, you have been happy to work around us, making life a lot easier. I also really appreciated the call with the Marketing Director to better understand how to use my data. He was really helpful and easy to talk to. I got the chance to ask questions and learn things I didn't even expect to.Getting up-to-date information on the marketing world has been very valuable.