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Full consultancy, bespoke client partnerships

Dig into our consultancy service and you’ll see it covers data and much more. We work with you to get a deep insight into what your business needs. Then together we build a team of experts with all the expertise and experience you need. We can help you increase sales, lose fewer customers, improve your marketing mix, reduce complaints and improve your margins. We’ll work on a fixed fee or day rate basis so you control the costs while we deliver the results.

Data & Mining: (110 years total experience)

We can predict outcomes, score your customers, forecast demand, discover risk and much more in the field of data mining. We can help reduce your costs, increase sales, improve quality and avoid risk. Data mining is the single most profitable activity you can perform in your business and yet it is also the most miss understood and under exploited opportunity in business today. Data mining is not the same as analytics.
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Business Intelligence: (107 years total experience)

You can't exploit data mining to its full without really good linked up data in the format you need. We have some the UK's best experts in data warehousing, OLAP cubes, data visualisation and analytics. We use our own software and methods to build cubes and data warehouses in days rather than months. We keep costs low and deliver fast.

We help you define how the data will be stored, consumed, integrated and managed by different data entities and IT systems, as well as any applications using or processing that data to make sure all your sources of data are linked and consistent.

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Business Efficiency: (93 years total experience)

We help you quickly harness operational complexity, coordinate change and collaborate group wide, achieving unrivalled business impact in supply chain improvement. We’ll work with you to reduce costs, increase revenues, strengthen your relationship with your customers or lock out competitors. Our Six Sigma experts have years of experience of delivering results across industry sectors and with multi-national organisations as well as small start-up operations.

Business Protection: (14 years total experience)

Almost daily the news highlights breaches of data that cost businesses revenue, reputation and market share. Customers are more aware of the value of their data and want to deal with organisations that handle it ethically and securely. Our data privacy consultants will help you navigate the minefield and stay on the right side of the law, with advice, audits, policy, training and other services.

Risk Management and Disaster Recovery: (14 years total experience)

We’ve taught the theory to IBM’s clients and experienced multiple real-world examples of helping businesses to recover. We will work with you to understand the threats you face; design practical and cost-effective action plans to deal with them; and help you test recovery before it’s needed, so you have the peace of mind that comes from having a confident plan. If the worst should happen, you can call on us to help you to manage through the situation until your business recovers.

Software Solutions: (43 years total experience)

Benefit from the best technology solution or a specific software product developed exclusively for your business. With over 10 years of experience in developing most complex software solutions, our professionals consult on all technology aspects related to your existing or future business needs.

Product Development: (68 years total experience)

We help you deliver a competitive product. We take a user experience design approach, optimising your product and service, and design with specific users in mind. We take your organisation's objectives and consult with the users to create a balanced strategy for your product and shape its structure, user interface and features.

Marketing: (82 years total experience)

As well as developing an effective marketing strategy for you, we can also help deliver it. We have experts in creative concepts, copywriting, graphic design and advert intelligence (having managed 1.6m adverts, we can help you maximise response rates). We also offer automated digital media production and large catalogue production.

Customer Experience: (74 years total experience)

Having the best possible customer experience helps large and small businesses win and keep customers. 70% of customers choose to do business with a company because of the customer experience rather than price or product and 80% of customers who stop doing business with a company do so because of the level of service. We specialise in using customer journey mapping and redesign to help businesses understand how their business processes make customers feel and where they can make small changes that have a huge impact.

Sales and Account Management: (65 years total experience)

We can help you build the most efficient processes and procedures to maximise sales and customer lifetime value. Ur experience includes relationship building, new business development, reporting, forecasting, CRM, delivering client-focused solutions, sales support and consulting.

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Find more prospects like your best customers

Customer Finder Service

Use our wizard to define your target area(s), then choose characteristics that you know represent your ideal customer profile. You’ll get a list of addresses and postcodes that meet the criteria in your chosen area(s) and, from only 5p per address you won’t have to dive deep into your budget. We can save you even more by printing and distributing your campaign at market beating prices. Dive in now.

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Get to know your customers better

Data Feeds Service

Upload the postcodes of your existing customers to our wizard. Select the additional data you would like to know about your customers. You’ll get a list of your postcodes with improved consumer insights, from just 5p per postcode. Use the insights for consumer segmentation to manage messages better, create engaging, compelling content and increase conversion rates, as well as targeting.

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Definitive Customer Understanding

Customer Profiler Service

Before you can find new customers, you need to know who they are. Understand your customer characteristics that your transactions cannot describe. Then segment your customers into groups of common needs and behaviours. After your customer is understood, use our Customer Finder to identify every hotspot in the UK.

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